The Help Review

I have to admit that I am not normally one who even considers seeing movies based on history. I am more of a comedy and action film girl than history, in which I unfairly consider documentary-like boring. (Sorry documentaries – just not my normal cup of tea.) And I have reservations for seeing movies based on books.

Man, was I wrong! Talk about a touching movie that encompasses every aspect of a great film. From the stellar acting performances to the writing and plot (based on the bestselling novel), this movie impacts you in so many ways. thehelp2 The Help Review

Since I had only really known Emma Stone from Super Bad, I was eager and intrigued to see her perform in such a different movie. Wow, was I impressed. The Help is going to launch Stone into a whole other level of opportunities. Top that with the rest of the phenomenal cast and you have an amazing movie without even touching the storyline which makes it that much more incredible. I will even say it now, this is an Oscar-worthy film.

Based in Mississippi in the 1960’s and capturing the every-day life of southern civilization – the movie depicts how southern society used to function. Skeeter (Emma Stone) is a young, determined to be successful writer, who decides to go against everything she has been taught, and write a book from the perspective of the “help” – the black women who take care of the white southern families. The first to come forward to Skeeter is her best friend’s housekeeper Aibileen (Davis), and from then begins the journey of one women being the voice of the strong and courageous black women of which serve the white families. Driving them to be strong and bold – and to have the courage to speak up for themselves.  the help The Help Review

Between society drama and the strength and courage from those interviewed by Skeeter, you are wrapped up in the extraordinary and unlikely alliances that form – especially between Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny (Octavia Spencer).

Octavia Spencer delivers an incredible breakout role as Minny, even providing the film with a little comedic relief.

As you can probably tell, I don’t think this movie could have been cast any better. Each actor delivers a powerful role in which adds more reason to think this movie deserves an award.

This powerful film has the ability to make your mood change – you’re left feeling fulfilled and strong. It’s a must-see movie for everyone.


10 The Help Review



GIA Rating: 10/10

Run Time: 146 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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