The Hunger Games Review


Be prepared (finally!) for a non-lame adaptation from book to film. As a huge fan of the books, I was still wary to see this movie. To be honest, my largest concern wasn’t if the movie would be awful compared to the books, which is common, but it was because I am a wimp, and was nervous for the brutality it most likely would have. While The Hunger Games book series is a huge success and wildly popular, I actually wasn’t aware of how dark and cruel it was, but it’s incredibly enticing nonetheless. the hunger games The Hunger Games Review

In any case, of course I sucked it up and had to see the movie. I was not disappointed. Not only was it well written to depict the best of the book, but also the acting was incredible, and they really represented the violence of the storyline in the least horrific way. I mean, The Hunger Games is a huge “tween” sensation, but this could have been a horrifying movie to younger fans (or even wimpy me) if it was written and shot differently.

Jennifer Lawrence shines in this movie. She is fantastic and she captures the character of Katniss with all that she is. Josh Hutcherson is also great as Peeta. I have always been a huge fan of Stanley Tucci and he portrayed Caesar Flickerman perfectly, as he always does. hunger games The Hunger Games Review

In addition, the costume department should be praised — the expectations for what people should be wearing in this movie were so high for me, and my expectations were surpassed. Effie Tricket, played amazingly by Elizabeth Banks, was so well costumed I barely recognized her as an actress. hunger games1 The Hunger Games Review

I would suggest if you enjoy somewhat action-packed movies with a meaningful storyline with some unexpected twists, you will enjoy the movie weather or not you have read the book.


7.51 The Hunger Games Review



G.I.A. Rating: 7.5/10

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 142 Minutes

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