The League Season 3 Premiere


Football fans unite! “The League” comes back for a third season October 6th! If you’re a fantasy football player, and you haven’t watched this show yet, you have not fully enjoyed everything fantasy football has to offer. If you don’t play fantasy football, watch this show anyway, because it is hilarious in every sense of the word.

If you haven’t seen the show you’re in for an excellent viewing. “The League” is about a group of people that have been friends from high school, all living in the Chicago area playing in a fantasy football league. Their lives seem to revolve around winning their league, and possessing the precious Shiva, their leagues trophy. The show follows the group along their everyday lives while random hilarious things happen to them. There’s a character for everyone, the parents, the unusual rich plastic surgeon, the rude narcissistic lawyer, the underachiever, and the ultimate slacker/pothead. They have additional characters that make appearances, like Raffi, the ex-con all around crazy man.

 The League Season 3 Premiere

Shivakamini Somakandarkram!!!!




A lot of the humor is very subtle, and you’re likely to miss it your first time watching, either because a character will either slip it in at the end of someone else’s sentence, or because you’re still laughing at the previous joke. These guys just rip into each other, just like a normal group of guys would, but they make it thoroughly entertaining. It’s very  crude and sexual humor, perfect for every true guy.

Seriously, set the DVR. This show is a must watch. The first season was amazing, and the second was even better. So class, what can we deduce what will be of the third season? That’s right! It’s going to suck! No, but really it’s going to be awesome.



9 The League Season 3 Premiere

G.I.A. Rating 9/10



The League airs Thursdays at 10:30 on FX

More information on The League can be found on their website at


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