The Avengers

 The Avengers

This mind blowing blockbuster is a must see that you cannot afford to miss.

I’ve been a Marvel fan my entire life, focusing mostly on the Avengers, and since the announcement of a new Captain America film about 6 years ago, I’d been waiting for the Avengers to make it’s big screen debut. So, needless to say, I had incredibly high expectations for this movie, and you know what, bravo Mr. Whedon, you made one hell of a movie, and why would anyone expect anything less, this is the same guy that gave the world ‘Firefly’.

Joss Whedon made The Avengers to offer everything for every kind of moviegoer. It’s intense jaw clenching action sequences are evenly balanced out with hilarious comedic relief, while not sacrificing plot build up what so ever. And the CGI, mind blowing! The post department seemed to have every dime they needed to complete this movie. There was no “oh lets sacrifice time and money on this scene to make this other scene look better” (ahem… X-men), all the graphics looked just as flawless as if you were actually in the Marvel Universe.

Of course to get the 100% full experience of the film, one must see the previous Marvel movies building up to the Avengers, but since it’s well written, it isn’t absolutely necessary like with some movies. With just a thirty second rundown of the main characters, any Avengers n00b would be able to enjoy the film to the full extent like any die-hard Marvel fan.

When you go and see it this weekend, as with any Marvel Studios movie, make sure to stay for the after the credits scene. In this instance there happen to be two, the second scene being especially remarkable.

The Avengers is soon to be one of the highest grossing films of all time, and it completely deserves it. Thanks again Joss Whedon for exceeding at least this Avengers fan’s expectations, I can’t wait for the second one, because the first has most certainly earned a place as one of my favorite movies of all time.

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