Thor: The Dark World Review

Oh sequels in a franchise, how I fear your awfulness. It’s always a worry it won’t ever be as good as the first, and while I still probably prefer the first Thor, this film did not disappoint me.

While I was sad to see less of Loki throughout the movie, (What? I like bad boys.) it was still a well-written movie with nice elements of comedy, as most Marvel films tend to have.

This film actually takes place (well, a lot of it) on earth. This brings Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Darcy (Kate Dennings), and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) into the film more than the first.

1383766022000 XXX THOR DARK WORLD MOV JY 9666 59532890 Thor: The Dark World ReviewJane has quite a large role and Portman did a great job at delivering. I feel like I hadn’t seen her in a film in quite some time (besides Thor of course) and I was reminded of her acting skills. Her character takes a turn from being a standard human, but that’s all I will give you.

While Darcy still plays a somewhat small part (althought much larger than the first movie), her witty lines break up the action with some humor that really make you LOL.

The plot got a little confusing at times, as characters were transported between worlds, but I eventually caught on and was able to follow what was happening. But full disclosure, I may have had a drink beforehand.

Thor The Dark World Tom Hiddleston Thor: The Dark World ReviewSome other simple key elements? You have some unexpected losses (sadface) and a lot of twists, which keep the movie suspenseful.

I love to watch how Chris Hemsworth embodies the Thor character and even more so, how passionate Tom Hiddleston makes Loki. It blows my mind how great of an actor Hiddleston is. I feel I could watch the Loki scenes over and over again. And no, that’s not because he’s a hot bad-boy, it’s purely based on the fact that he can act so well.

The only thing lacking in my opinion? The chemistry between Jane and Thor just isn’t there to me. I know this is no rom-com, but I still just don’t feel the connection between them as much as I would want.

thor the dark world malekith Thor: The Dark World ReviewIn the end, I was kept on the edge of my seat (ok, I am easily anxious over movies — it wasn’t unbearably nerve-wrecking or anything) and I really liked the comedy filtered throughout the film. It’s definitely a must see for any Marvel fan, and anyone looking for a good all-around movie with a little bit of everything and a punch of superheroes. And I can reassure you, you’ll never see the ending coming! (Mind=blown!)


rating 9 Thor: The Dark World Review






TheGeekHq Rating: 9/10

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