Aim for the Head – World War Z Blu-ray/DVD Review

We all know there’s a HUGE zombie craze going on right now, The Walking Dead, The Zombie Survival Guide, and pretty much the barrage of all the zombie stuff that is everywhere. With all this going on, it’s no surprise that World War Z was only a short time away from becoming a movie (psst…it’s based off a book). Actually let me apologize for taking that tone with you, I don’t read…like at all, except Hitchhiker’s Guide over and over again, and other stuff. Ok. Maybe I read a little, but I never read World War Z. It’s on the shelf, give me a break.

I’ve heard it’s good though.

1040928 859928 Aim for the Head   World War Z Blu ray/DVD ReviewOk so, it’s not my intention to start a huge debate like “oh this isn’t technically a zombie movie” or “yes it is!” so forgive me if I reference the infected as zombies a couple… hundred times. Now, a lot of people didn’t actually like this movie, I gathered that the general public saw it as “meh, it was alright”. I thought it was put together rather well, although I’ve never been a fan of the whole zombies that can run thing. But then again, technically this isn’t a zombie movie so whatever.

The action sequences are very well executed, and there are tons of them. The suspense you feel when Gerry is investigating something causes you to hold your breath without knowing. It gets pretty intense sometimes. These infected zombie type things just pop out of nowhere and attack with a crazy amount of force, not like the usual zombies we’re used to seeing. And when people are trying to sneak around them, the infected are just chillin’, zombie shuffling around and stuff and you just know it could all go to hell at any moment causing all of the infected to just go berserk.

World War Z screenshot 1 Aim for the Head   World War Z Blu ray/DVD ReviewSo for those of you that liked the World War Z in theaters, you’re probably thinking about checking it out on Blu-ray, and if you are, go for the uncut edition. The director’s cut supposedly only has about 7 more minutes of take it or leave it footage. No one really seemed all that impressed. I went with the uncut edition, which was supposedly better, and I have to say it was a bit, but nothing noticeable. There was a little bit more gore involved – more zombie type thingies attacking people, there’s more blood involved in the attacks, and they showed a bit more violence. It wasn’t anything that makes the movie any better, it just seems like these scenes were cut down to move the movie along quicker.

wwz Aim for the Head   World War Z Blu ray/DVD ReviewThat pretty much sums up the Blu-ray and DVD. The special features involved were rather dull. Nothing really worthwhile happens during interviews, and Brad Pitt didn’t even bother with it. You basically learn that they used some CGI zombies (yea, no sh*t) and that they can replay promos from trailers showed long before the movie came out. There was an alternate ending to the film that wasn’t even included in the special features, kind of unusual. All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but if you’re expecting a bunch of special features from the Blu-ray or DVD, don’t. It’s still, a worthwhile movie to own, but not a lot of bonuses, maybe a digital download would better, save on the shelf space.

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